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IIT Bombay Executive Education (IITB Exec Ed) has been leading the way in delivering cutting-edge, contemporary and experiential learning outcomes for industry professionals in India. Today’s fast changing business environment poses complex problems that need innovative solutions. IITB Exec Ed’s short-term courses empower professionals to develop the domain skills and critical thinking ability needed to solve real-world problems. Our courses are delivered by world-renowned faculty who bring in the latest trends and best practices in their domains. IIT Bombay Exec Ed is in a unique position to pool together this inter-disciplinary faculty that provide different perspectives to deal with any kind of technical or management challenge.


Every course under the IITB Exec Ed umbrella offers a transformational learning experience so that you can master the myriad tools and techniques essential to support your career growth. This is why thousands of professionals attend our programmes each year. We offer both open and customised courses for individuals and organisations.

Upcoming Program on

Understanding &
Branding Self

30th Nov 2019
1 days

Upcoming Program on

Industrial Effluent

10th - 11th Dec 2019
2 days

Upcoming Program on

Analytics in Practice

5th - 8th Feb 2020
4 days

Upcoming Program on

Design Thinking: Upholding User Needs & Aspirations for Innovation

16th - 18th Jan 2020
3 days

Upcoming Program on

Chemical Process
Risk Assessment

26th - 28th Sep 2019
3 days


The faculty at IIT Exec Ed are not only educators, they are also capability enhancers - a role that each and every one of them is passionate about. Learn from their experience and know-how as you develop the skills and confidence needed to meet critical organisational and career demands. These thought leaders are committed to help the course participants think creatively, pursue new ideas and maximise their latent talents to benefit both them and their organisations.

Prof. Anil Kottantharayil
Electrical Engineering
Prof. Sandip Roy
Chemical Engineering
Prof. Shivganesh Bhargava
SJM School of Management
Prof. Ravindra Gudi
Chemical Engineering
Prof. Yogendra Shastri
Chemical Engineering
Prof. Pradip Kalbar
Centre for Urban Science
and Engineering
Prof. Bakul Rao
Centre for Technology
Alternatives for Rural Areas

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